Posted by admin on Jan 5, 2012
Can You Look a Horse in the Eyes?

Can You Look a Horse in the Eyes?

Can You Look a Horse in the Eyes?

Can you tell if a horse will win a race by looking in its eyes?  Hard to say, but some professional gamblers swear by it.  Horse racing is known as the sport of Kings, but the people that really know the horses the best are the jockeys, trainers and those that tend to the horses on a daily basis.  It has been known for years that horse trainers can often tell if a horse will win against the competition by just looking into the eyes of the horses.  Most trainers are not permitted to bet on horse races because of that fact, plus their close ties to the animals and the possibility for corrupting a win are also taken into account.

Horse racing online doesn’t really allow for the bettor to take a good look at the eyes, but there are several racing magazines that use experts to determine the winners with the method of looking them in the eyes and recording which horses they believe will win.

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