Posted by admin on Jan 5, 2012
Playing Poker in Nevada

Playing Poker in Nevada

Playing Poker in Nevada

There are two big games of poker that every player is familiar with.  There is of course Texas Holdem but there is also another very popular game called Omaha poker that is very similar.  Texas Holdem game rules are simple.  There are five stages to each game.  There is the preflop, the flop, the turn, the river and showdown.  Preflop is where the dealer hands out two cards to each player.  The flop is when the dealer puts out three cards for community play.  The turn is the next card after all bets on the flop are concluded.  The river card is placed when all betting is done for the turn round.  Showdown is where poker players can make their final bets based on their hands without yet revealing what their two hole cards are.

Playing poker in Nevada, specifically in Las Vegas casinos, doesn’t require a lot of skill, but it does require some knowledge of the game.  New players should stay away from high stakes games and should stick to the lower ante games.

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